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juggernaut on marvel ultimate alliance 2

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get a load of this... he cannot be stopped and now got a place to rumpage as he got the spotlight as a playable character in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2.

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1992 x-men: the animated series - season 1, episode 9

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The Cure
Suddenly a doctor at the Muir Island Mutant Research Center claims to have found a cure for mutant gene. Rogue travels to the island in hopes of getting rid of her mutant abilities. Little did they know, that Apocalypse and Mystique are behind the scene trying to experiments mutants. X-men must race to the island to save their fellow team member. And Cable second appearance on the series too.

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marvel character - bloodscream

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real name: unrevealed

group affiliation: former employee of black tarantula, former employee of general coy

first appearance: wolverine #4 (1989)

abilities: can absorb the life forces of others by touch, withering them to a mummy-like state as they bleed uncontrollably from the point they were touched

narrative profile
Born in the mid-16th Century, the man who would become Bloodscream was a naval surgeon in Sir Francis Drake's armada. Mortally wounded in battle, he was taken by Drake to a sorcerer named Dagoo to save his life but was instead transformed into a vampire-like creature. Doomed to a macabre existence, Bloodscream learned his condition could only be reversed with an elixir distilled from the blood of a man who does not age. Bloodscream set out to locate such a man and became a soldier, hoping to encounter fellow immortals on the battlefield.

After centuries of combat, Bloodscream fought in the Battle of Normandy in 1944 during which he encountered a Canadian soldier named Logan. Decades later, Bloodscream joined the Asgardian brawler Roughouse as enforcers for the crimelord General Coy on the island nation of Madripoor. Under Coy's orders, the pair clashed with rival crimelord Tyger Tiger and her ally Logan, now the mutant adventurer Wolverine. Seeing that his foe had not aged since their last encounter, Bloodscream believed he could use Wolverine’s blood in his elixir. After numerous encounters with Wolverine, they had what was almost their final encounter in the snowy wilderness of Canada. After draining the blood from his cybernetic partner Cylla, Bloodscream faced Wolverine (who was virtually powerless after his last encounter with Magneto), but was unaware of the weapon which Wolverine had in his possession, the demonically-forged Honor Sword of the Clan Yashida. Wolverine ran him down on his motorcycle and apparently killed the centuries-old vampire with the sword.

However, Bloodscream survived by draining nearby life energy and subsequently allied himself with the sorcerer Belasco. After clashing with the team of mutant adventurers known as the X-Men, whose number included Wolverine, Bloodscream was sucked into another dimension. Returning to Earth under unrevealed circumstances, Bloodscream was reunited with Roughouse. The pair were recruited as enforcers by the South American crimelord named the Black Tarantula who set them against both Wolverine and the costumed crimefighter Spider-Man.
Later, Bloodscream came under the control of the cannibalistic sorcerer Mauvais. Alongside the savage criminal Vermin, he again fought Wolverine but met defeat once more. Mauvais was subsequently exiled into the dimension of the Great Beasts of Canada, presumably freeing Bloodscream from his control..