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x-men: evolution, season 1, episode 2

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The X-Impulse
Kitty Pryde discovers and begins to exhibit her mutant ability to phase through solid objects. Jean Grey head over to enlist her into Charles Xavier's institute. Lance Alvers (Avalanche), also confronts her to use her powers for wrong causes, and that's where trouble started. Also Sabretooth's first appearance on the series.

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who will be playing loki in the movie thor

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Chris Hemsworth had been cast as Thor in big screen adaptation of Marvel’s Thor and the Summer 2012 superhero team-up film The Avengers.

Waiting for the movie hammer to fall, Thor fans? So are we! Verily!

And we're getting so much closer because now we know who Thor will be facing off against and that's Tom Hiddleston as the trickster Loki!

Thats right! British actor Tom Hiddleston, who is almost a complete unknown to American audiences, has been cast as Thor’s nemesis Loki

Marvel Studios announced Hiddleston has betom hiddlestonen cast as the villain Loki in the highly anticipated movie "Thor."Kenneth Branagh will direct the film penned by Mark Protosevich and Ashley Miller & Zak Stentz.

Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige will produce the film. The film will be released in the U.S. on May 20, 2011 and distributed by Paramount Pictures.

Of course, the actor has ties to director Branagh, who starred with him in Ivanov on the London stage and the BBC miniseries Wallander. Hiddleston was also one of the actors on the short list being considered for the part of Thor, which should tell you something.

source: Hataw sa Rice

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marvel excel quiz 1

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try this excel game i got from all you have to do is to identify the marvel characters and put the name in the cell below the images.

i got 54 out of 54 on this... good luck

get the excel quiz file here.

Download from


Download from

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characters of marvel movies - part 2

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see other movie characters - part 1

eric bana as the hulk
hulk back in 2003, eric bana played a genetics researcher, robert bruce banner, who succumb to a experimental accident. everytime his stress and anger becomes uncontrollable, the radiation that intertwined with his already-altered sytem activates his gamma-radiated DNA, ransforming him into the hulk.

edward norton as the hulk
then in 2008 the incredible hulk, edward norton continue the role as banner but this is not a sequel to hulk(2003), but rather a reboot that establishes a new back-story where banner became the hulk as an unwitting pawn in a military scheme to reinvigorate the supersoldier program through gamma radiation.

ben affleck as daredevil
daredevil the film, stars ben affleck as matt murdock, a blind lawyer who fights for justice in the courtroom and out of the courtroom as the masked vigilante daredevil.

thomas jane as the punisher
thomas jane as the punisher in 2004 the punisher film, this is not a sequel to the 1989 punisher film, but a reboot. that 1989 film stars dolph lundgren is really way out of the storyline to marvel comics, lundgren's not even wearing a skull on his shirt

ray stevenson as the punisher
from the latest punisher movie (2008)... the punisher war zone, this is also a reboot, not to any previous movie sequel. the film is an original telling of frank castle's war on crime and corruption. irish actor ray stevenson replaces thomas jane as frank castle.

ioan gruffudd as mr fantastic
ioan gruffudd is dr. reed richards, a brilliant but timid and bankrupt physicist and later become mr. fantastic in both fantastic four(2005) and rise of the silver surfer(2007).

howard the duck
howard the duck, is the first marvel comics film adaptation to receive a wide theatrical release in american theaters. often appearing on lists of the cinema's most negatively reviewed films. howard was portrayed by an assortment of stunt actors in a duck suit like ed gale, tim rose, steve sleap and others.. with chip zien as the voice of howard

see other movie characters - part 1

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x-men: evolution, season 1, episode 1

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Strategy X
As a new member of the x-men, Kurt Wagner(Nightcrawler) has to adopt to his new home and to harness his mutant powers with the aid of Charles Xavier. Shape shifter mutant disguise as the school principal take an opportunity of Todd Tolanski and enlist him to spy the Xavier mansion and all the facilities.

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marvel character - enchantress

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real name: amora

group affiliation: masters of evil, mandarin's minions, lady liberators

first appearance: journey into mystery #103 (1964)

abilities: near-ageless, superhuman physique of a typical asgardian goddess

narrative profile
The Enchantress' parentage is unknown, though it is known she has a sister by the name of Lorelei. In time, Amora became one of the more powerful magic-wielders in Asgard, with her magical arsenal focused on (but not limited to) charming and mind-controlling people. Her by now well renowned beauty did not hinder in this.

Amora has devoted her immortal life to the pursuit of power and pleasure, using sorcery and sexuality as her tools. Born into the Asgardian gods, Amora studied under the mighty sorceress Karnilla The Norn Queen, who ultimately expelled her for being too undisciplined. Amora went on to study under many other Asgardian mages, often seducing them to learn their secrets. By the time she reached adulthood, Amora was a powerful sorceress, famous for her beauty and infamous for her heartless scheming. An early alliance with the warrior goddess Brunnhilde the Valkyrie ended with Amora trapping Brunnhilde's soul, using the Valkyrie's vacated form as a shell for herself and various pawns to inhabit over the centuries that followed. Brunnhilde would eventually return, becoming one of Amora's bitterest enemies.

Amora's longest-serving pawn was Skurge the Executioner. Skurge was madly in love with Amora, who granted him just enough affection to ensure his loyalty. The two pursued many schemes together, often coming into conflict with the thunder god Thor and his mortal comrades, the Avengers. When Skurge eventually sacrificed his life aiding Thor in an heroic rescue mission, Amora mourned him with a genuine grief that surprised everyone, including the Enchantress herself.

Other smitten pawns such as the original Power Man (Erik Josten) and a new, human Executioner (Brute Benhurst) never served the Enchantress quite so well as Skurge, and were soon abandoned. Pardoned in recent years after helping defend Asgard against Surtur, Amora has had an on-and-off romantic link with her longtime foe Thor, to whom she was drawn even more strongly after he inherited the throne of Asgard. As Thor's ally, advisor and sometime lover, Amora has been a prominent figure in Thor's Asgard. Sadly, Amora was among the many Asgardians apparently slain when Thor's brother Loki led a revolt in fulfillment of the Ragnarok prophecies. Whether she will rise again remains to be seen.


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the new ms. marvel

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osborn's new dark avengers ms. marvel, this is just of the sudden twists of dark reign. carol danvers(the original ms. marvel) is dead and karla sofen(moonstone) has taken on the mantle of the sexy ms. marvel.

sofen is one of the most dangerous women in the world - in her first days as ms. marvel, she ruthlessly dispatched a group of high-tech bank robbers and then foiled an assassination plot against norman osborn's avengers by a rogue S.H.I.E.L.D. psychic who'd gone undercover as a goverment psychologist

in store this may 28, 2009 for $2.99

cover by: mike deodato
writer: brian reed
pencils: patrick olliffe
inks: serge lapointe
colored by: chris sotomayor
lettered by: dave sharpe

find out more updates at

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1992 x-men: the animated series - season 1, episode 3

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Enter Magneto
Sabretooth was injured because of his rampage on Beast's trial and was shoot by guards. X-men brought them to the mansion for aid. Later Magneto attacks a military missile base and x-men has to face him. In the end, x-men has to stop the launched missile.

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dark avengers/uncanny x-men comic cover

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probably there will be a clash between avengers and x-men as the x-men being laid down in the cover.. and that's iron patriot not iron man.. and just who is iron patriot? marvel have a way to tease believers... i remember i have a copy here where avengers and x-men have fought before, im not sure or it was just a member of the avengers vs the x-men..

cover by: jae lee
writer: matt fraction
pencils: simone sianchi & marc silvestri
inks: klaus janson & cam smith
colored by: frank d'armata
lettered by: vc - joe caramagna

in stores on june 2009 for $3.99 i think... don't miss it

pre-order? click here

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new set of x-men origins: wolverine wallpapers

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click for full size images

x:men origins: wolverine wallpaper
x:men origins: wolverine

x-men origin photos - wolverine
wolverine - hugh jackman

x-men origin photos - sabretooth
sabretooth - liev schreiber

x-men origin photos - gambit
gambit - taylor kitsch

x-men origin photos - stryker
william stryker - danny huston

x-men origin photos - wraith
john wraith - will i am

x-men origin photos - agent zero
agent zero - daniel henney

x-men origin photos - blob
blob - kevin durand

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1992 x-men: the animated series - season 1, episode 2

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Night of the Sentinels (Part 2)
After tracking the location of the mutant registration act, Xavier give the mission to terminate the program. Situation went wrong when the sentinels stopped them, one of the x-men was shot and presumed dead and another was capture by the government. Wolverine blame the action to Cyclops who commanded the retreat after the mission succeeded.

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deadpool on marvel ultimate alliance 2

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deadpool on marvel ultimate alliance

for full image resolution click here

the merc with a mouth, as they always refer to, got his own spotlight on the marvel 3D video game again, marvel ultimate alliance 2 (MUA2) this fall....

you should check out his fighting scene trailer below... im tellin' you - he's a real badass anti-hero.. you could see iron fist in the trailer too..

equipped with his 2 precious blade and guns, he goes high flying again kicking butts...

anything else - thanks to his less 10 mins appearance on the movie x-men origins: wolverine, he might have his film of his own... marvel are on to that...

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characters of marvel movies - part 1

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see other movie characters - part 2

hugh jackman as wolverine
hugh jackman played the role of the savage mutant wolverine of all x-men movies(x-men: the movie, x-men 2, x-men: the last stand) and the x-men origins: wolverine.

tobey maguire as spider-man
from green goblin to venom tobey maguire got to work as spider-man. this guy really fit to be peter parker. he played the role from spider-man 1 - spider-man 3

robert downey jr as iron man
iron man portrayed by an american actor and film producer robert downey jr in the movie iron man. this actor once played a role in a comedy series ally mcbeal... (i've been down this road walkin the line thats painted by pride.. i just remember that song from the comedy series)

nicolas cage as ghost rider
the national treasure hunter, nicolas cage, once played this role as johnny blaze who sold his soul to the devil and his soul eventually bonded with the entity called zarathos. everytime he tries to utilize zarathos power blaze's flesh is consumed by hellfire, causing his head to become a flaming skull, the ghost rider

wesley snipes, one of snappiest martial artist on tv, played the role of the superhuman vampire hunter in all blade movies - blade, blade II and blade: trinity

see other movie characters - part 2

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1992 x-men: the animated series - season 1, episode 1

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Night of the Sentinels (Part 1)
Running away from mutant registration program, Jubilee Lee is attacked by the Sentinels and saved by Rogue, Storm and Gambit and is taken to the rest of the team, the x-men. X-men later discover the mutant registration program intends to terminate all mutants and they must infiltrate and destroy it.

note: there will a short video ad before the featured video..

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marvel character - green goblin

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green goblin mainreal name: norman osborn

group affiliation: sinister twelve, hellfire club, cabal of scrier

first appearance: amazing spider-man #14 (1964)

abilities: super-human strength (lifting 9 tons under optimal conditions), increased speed, reflexes, endurance, and healing rate due to goblin formula

narrative profile
Ruthless industrialist Norman Osborn was the co-owner of a leading New York firm, Osborn Industries, which specialized in chemical manufacturing via Osborn Chemicals, as well as other areas of research and development, including robotics. His wife Emily died within a year after the birth of their son Harry, leaving Norman embittered. The product of an oppressively stern upbringing by an alcoholic father who lost the family fortune, Norman raised Harry dispassionately, often devoid of fatherly warmth, being chafed by Harry's failure to demonstrate academic excellence or a competitive drive. Despite living in reacquired opulence, Harry felt depressed and neglected by his father. Unbeknownst to Harry, Norman had risen in power by participating in a collusion enabling the creation of powerful opponents to challenge the super-hero community, thereby offering corrupt corporations a means to distract the heroes from probing into their affairs. One failure in this regard involved using Osborn Industries employee Nels Van Adder as a human test subject, transforming him into the disfigured "Protogoblin." Osborn dodged accusations of wrongdoing from his head of security, Arthur Stacy, and his brother Detective George Stacy. He discovered the notes of his business partner, Professor Mendel Stromm, for a strength-enhancing serum. Stromm was jailed after Norman had him arrested for embezzling funds, allowing Osborn to gain full control of the firm. Osborn tested the serum upon himself in his private lab, but the unstable concoction exploded in his face leaving him hospitalized for weeks. He emerged smarter and superhumanly strong, but at the cost of his sanity. (After Harry's death, Spider-Man discovered recordings in which Harry claimed to have been responsible for the serum exploding, bitter at being neglected by his father; however, Harry suffered mentally instability at the time of these recollection; the veracity of this claim is unknown.)

The amnesia proved to be only temporary however and Osborn relapsed into his Goblin persona twice more only to be defeated by Spider-Man each time. After helping rescue Peter Parker's girlfriend Gwen Stacy and her father, retired police captain George Stacy, from a kidnapping by the Kingpin, Osborn had a brief affair with Gwen which resulted in an unusually rapid pregnancy and secret birth of twins, Gabriel and Sarah. Though Gwen left the twins in the care of Osborn's people in France, Gwen refused to give Norman custody of the twins, fearing that the fate of Norman's son, Harry - mentally deteriorating and turning to illegal hallucinogenic drugs - would befall her own children. Osborn threatened Gwen, but she insisted that she would tell Peter the truth. Gwen believed Peter would marry her and raise the twins, trusting that Parker's love for her would oversee her failings. This prompted the third emergence of Norman's dark side, propelling what would be one of the darkest hours in Spider-Man's career. In a strike against both Gwen and Spider-Man, the Green Goblin kidnapped Gwen and took her to the top of the Brooklyn Bridge. In an act of brutality during a melee with Spider-Man, the Goblin threw Gwen from the bridge. Spider-Man attempted to save her but she had already died during the fall. Filled with rage, Spider-Man savagely attacked the Goblin nearly killing him.

He returned to his senses at the last minute however, while the Goblin took the opportunity to attempt one final play by remotely controlling his damaged goblin glider to impale the wall crawler. Spider-Man was able to dodge the glider which instead impaled the Goblin, seemingly killing him. The nightmare was over...or at least that's what Peter thought.

Harry Osborn, Norman's son, had witnessed the apparent death of his father at the hands of Spider-Man and removed the Goblin costume before the authorities could arrive, thus preserving his secret identity. He even bribed the coroner so that further autopsy reports would show no mention of the "goblin" formula in Norman's blood. And for many years, the world believed Norman Osborn to be dead.

green goblin
green goblin
green goblin


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x-men origins: wolverine - wallpapers

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click images for full size

wolverine wallpaper
wolverine childhood

wolverine wallpaper
wolverine vs sabretooth

wolverine wallpaper
sabretooth (liev schreiber)

wolverine wallpaper
gambit (taylor kitsch)

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spider-man meets barack obama

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spider-man meets obamaThe Amazing Spider-Man #583

politics goes around marvel...they celebrated the inauguration day of obama with a special edition of spider-man comic..spider-man meet obama - on his inauguration day... and chameleon (a villainous shapeshifter mutant) try to spoil the event

chameleon try to disguise as obama and spidey has to figure who's the real one..

"ya hear that, chameleon? the president-elect here just appointed me secretary of shuttin' you up!" with a punch on chameleon face...

the first printing was sold out and with a huge store demand - the second printing was sold out too, even though its not as good copy as the first printing...

just wondering if there's someone with a copy first or second printing... maybe i could spare some $$..

spidy and obama comic script

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marvel character - banshee

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bansheereal name: sean cassidy

group affiliation: x-men, x-corps, generation x, factor three

first appearance: x-men #28 (1967)

abilities: produce a sonic scream for various effects, hover or fly at the speed of sound, overwhelm listeners with deafening noise, generate sonic blasts which struck with tremendous concussive force

narrative profile
Ireland's storied Cassidy clan is an ancient and noble lineage steeped in heroism, secrets, adventure, feuds and tragedy, all of which Sean Cassidy would inherit in some measure. The family's ancestral home is Cassidy Keep, a fortress-like castle in a remote, sparsely populated coastal area of County Mayo, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean from high atop the granite cliff Cassidy Crag. The Cassidy presence there predates historical records, and Cassidy Keep itself was built by Liam Cassidy over a thousand years ago to defend the Irish coast against Viking raiders. The Keep also covertly sheltered the "Families" (diminutive enchanted leprechauns or elves). In recent decades, the castle's Seneschal (steward), Eamon O'Donnell, has served as both caretaker of Cassidy Keep and guardian of the "Families". Born and raised in Cassidy Keep, Sean Cassidy had a happy boyhood there, fantasizing about fighting dragons and rescuing damsels. During adolescence, Sean discovered his mutant sonic powers but concealed them - partly because his wail spooked the superstitious elders of the community, who likened it to the ghostly banshees of Irish lore.

Banshee soon teamed with Jubilee, Emma Frost and a reluctant Sabretooth to rescue a group of mutant teens from the extraterrestrial Phalanx. One of the teens, Blink, sacrificed herself to make the victory possible. The survivors, Jubilee and various other young mutants all enrolled in Xavier's new youth education program at the Massachusetts Academy, with Sean and a newly reformed Emma as co-headmasters. Cassidy and Frost worked together uneasily at first, and experienced several severe fallings-out, but gradually forged a mutually respectful working relationship and a strong bond with their students, Generation X. This alcoholic downslide, combined with Emma's wavering morality, funding troubles, and other factors, led to the disbanding of the Generation X program.

Sean had barely begun to heal, both emotionally and physically, when he uncovered vital information regarding the recent disappearance of Charles Xavier. Unwilling to entrust this information to electronic communication, he flew back to America via commercial aircraft, but the X-Men's mysterious new foe Vulcan seized control of the X-Men's Blackbird jet and set it on a collision course with Sean's plane. Healed enough to fly short distances under his own power, Banshee exited the plane and could have flown to safety, but instead tried to save his fellow passengers by sonically deflecting the Blackbird. However, the injured Banshee lacked the power to accomplish this feat, and was caught between the two planes in a fiery mid-air explosion, sacrificing himself to protect innocent human lives.

banshee of generation x
banshee marvel