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marvel character - caliban

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real name: unrevealed

group affiliation: formerly x-force, morlocks, horsemen of apocalypse, x-factor

first appearance: uncanny x-men #148 (1981)

abilities: able to psionically sense the presence of other mutants within a 25 mile radius of himself. apocalypse’s genetic manipulation enhanced his strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, and reflexes to superhuman levels

narrative profile

The albino mutant known only as Caliban was recruited by Callisto, who had learned of his mutant-tracking ability and used him to locate other mutants whom she organized into the community that came to be called the Morlocks. Caliban was named by Callisto after the grotesque being in William Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest.” Living in the sewers and abandoned subway tunnels beneath Manhattan’s streets, the naïve Caliban found a renewed sense of family, but still felt lonely even among his fellow outcasts. One evening, Caliban sensed the presence of mutants in a New York City nightclub and entered to find the Dazzler (Alison Blaire) performing. His presence created panic which X-Men members Storm and Kitty Pryde attempted to quell alongside Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew), but during the chaos Caliban kidnapped Pryde and fled. Intercepted by the heroes, Caliban explained that he only wanted a friend like himself. Invited to join the X-Men, Caliban chose instead to return to the Morlocks.

Separated from the influence of Apocalypse, Caliban’s intelligence began diminishing. He kidnapped the young X-Man Jubilee, holding her hostage in exchange for Sabretooth, who was being rehabilitated by Xavier. Pryde, now Shadowcat, accompanied Sabretooth into the Morlock tunnels. There, she was left to die by the villain after they encountered a giant subterranean squid. After rescuing Pryde, Caliban faced Sabretooth in a brief yet ferocious fight, which resulted in his face being scarred and he fled. Later, Caliban was hunted by the Dark Riders, Apocalypse’s replacements for the Horsemen. Saved by Cable, Domino, and Storm, Caliban helped them to track the Riders back to their base in Egypt and confront their new leader, Genesis. As his intelligence continued to degrade and he began reverting to his original, non-violent personality, Caliban was recruited by Cable into X-Force. With that team, Caliban faced opponents such as the Mimic, Barrachus the Kalinator, Sabretooth, Holocaust, the Externals, S.H.I.E.L.D., Mr. Sinister, an other-worldly foursome, the alien android Pulse, Mojo, and even Asgardian rock trolls and goblins. For a brief time, Caliban and X-Force fell under the control of Sebastian Shaw, Black King of the Hellfire Club, and were mentally coerced into attacking Cable himself.

Caliban was subsequently captured by the anti-mutant research facility the Watchtower, which sought to train him as a means to ferret out the mutant-devouring Skornn. Caliban was liberated by the combined efforts of Cable, X-Force, Wolverine, Deadpool, and the Mutant Liberation Front, and he subsequently rejoined X-Force to help oppose the Skornn. After the advent of "M-Day", Caliban was one of the few mutants who regained his powers. Since then, he has joined the mutant refugee camp that have come to be known as the 198. During the Civil War, Caliban helped to organize the assault in the X-Mansion, with his teammates of the X-Force(Domino and Shatterstar), to free the 198 from the grounds.


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1992 x-men: the animated series - season 1, episode 13

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The Final Decision
Magneto try to kidnap Senator Kelly in hopes that a war between mutants and humans will begin as a result. But, Sentinels location the Senator and abduct him and bring him to Master Mold to replace hi brain with computer chips as well as to the other world leaders. X-men now tries to save the Senator together with Magneto.

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1992 x-men: the animated series - season 1, episode 12

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Days Of Future Past (Part 2)
After Bishop discover that Gambit is the assasin, the X-Men tried to stop the time-traveling mutant from shooting the Cajun. There, they discover that it was Mystique has been shifting as Gambit and is really the suspect that Bishop is after.

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1992 x-men: the animated series - season 1, episode 11

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Days Of Future Past (Part 1)
From 2005 AD, Bishop travel through time to prevent an assassination of an important political figure in order to restore peace in his time. But on his trip, he can't remember who the assassin and turns to the X-Men for help.

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1992 x-men: the animated series - season 1, episode 10

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Come The Apocalypse
After Apocalypse, immortal evil mutant, turns other mutant to be his Horsemen from a fictitious plot saying they would be cure - Famine, Pestilence, Wat and Death (Archangel). The Horsemen start chaos on the city and the X-men must battle the Horsemen to stop Apocalypse evil plan.

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juggernaut on marvel ultimate alliance 2

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get a load of this... he cannot be stopped and now got a place to rumpage as he got the spotlight as a playable character in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2.

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1992 x-men: the animated series - season 1, episode 9

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The Cure
Suddenly a doctor at the Muir Island Mutant Research Center claims to have found a cure for mutant gene. Rogue travels to the island in hopes of getting rid of her mutant abilities. Little did they know, that Apocalypse and Mystique are behind the scene trying to experiments mutants. X-men must race to the island to save their fellow team member. And Cable second appearance on the series too.

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marvel character - bloodscream

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real name: unrevealed

group affiliation: former employee of black tarantula, former employee of general coy

first appearance: wolverine #4 (1989)

abilities: can absorb the life forces of others by touch, withering them to a mummy-like state as they bleed uncontrollably from the point they were touched

narrative profile
Born in the mid-16th Century, the man who would become Bloodscream was a naval surgeon in Sir Francis Drake's armada. Mortally wounded in battle, he was taken by Drake to a sorcerer named Dagoo to save his life but was instead transformed into a vampire-like creature. Doomed to a macabre existence, Bloodscream learned his condition could only be reversed with an elixir distilled from the blood of a man who does not age. Bloodscream set out to locate such a man and became a soldier, hoping to encounter fellow immortals on the battlefield.

After centuries of combat, Bloodscream fought in the Battle of Normandy in 1944 during which he encountered a Canadian soldier named Logan. Decades later, Bloodscream joined the Asgardian brawler Roughouse as enforcers for the crimelord General Coy on the island nation of Madripoor. Under Coy's orders, the pair clashed with rival crimelord Tyger Tiger and her ally Logan, now the mutant adventurer Wolverine. Seeing that his foe had not aged since their last encounter, Bloodscream believed he could use Wolverine’s blood in his elixir. After numerous encounters with Wolverine, they had what was almost their final encounter in the snowy wilderness of Canada. After draining the blood from his cybernetic partner Cylla, Bloodscream faced Wolverine (who was virtually powerless after his last encounter with Magneto), but was unaware of the weapon which Wolverine had in his possession, the demonically-forged Honor Sword of the Clan Yashida. Wolverine ran him down on his motorcycle and apparently killed the centuries-old vampire with the sword.

However, Bloodscream survived by draining nearby life energy and subsequently allied himself with the sorcerer Belasco. After clashing with the team of mutant adventurers known as the X-Men, whose number included Wolverine, Bloodscream was sucked into another dimension. Returning to Earth under unrevealed circumstances, Bloodscream was reunited with Roughouse. The pair were recruited as enforcers by the South American crimelord named the Black Tarantula who set them against both Wolverine and the costumed crimefighter Spider-Man.
Later, Bloodscream came under the control of the cannibalistic sorcerer Mauvais. Alongside the savage criminal Vermin, he again fought Wolverine but met defeat once more. Mauvais was subsequently exiled into the dimension of the Great Beasts of Canada, presumably freeing Bloodscream from his control..


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1992 x-men: the animated series - season 1, episode 8

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The Unstoppable Juggernaut
In search for the culprit who destroyed the mansion, Storm, Rogue and Jubilee followed Wolverine. Wolverine and Jubilee first suspects Colossus responsible of the crime but later they found out it was the half brother of Professor X.

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1992 x-men: the animated series - season 1, episode 7

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Slaved Island
Captured - Gambit, Storm and Jubilee along with the other mutants were force to finish the dam which will power a Sentinel Factory project. Gambit stage a betrayal in order to free his fellow mutants and with the help of a mysterious mutant.

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Marvel Anime | Iron Man Teaser

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On screen this coming 2010, Full anime style adaptation of Iron Man

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x-men: evolution, season 1, episode 13

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The Cauldron - Part 2
After the battles of the champions between the Brotherhood and the X-men, winners were transported to Magneto's base on Asteriod M. Magneto is plans for the future of mutant kind against human race. Wolverine, the X-men, and Cyclops is up for stopping the rage.

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x-men: evolution, season 1, episode 12

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The Cauldron - Part 1
Magneto plot another scheme to tear apart mutants and human race. Mutants shall battle each other in order for them to survive in the sanctuary. Magneto capture some of the X-men together with Cyclops and Havok, Cyclops long lost brother.

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x-men: evolution, season 1, episode 11

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Grim Reminder
When the X-men saw the strange broadcast on TV, Wolverine dormant chip in his brain triggers and he begins to have unusual fits of rage. And he went to that place stated in the broadcast to find the answer.

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characters of marvel movies - part 3 (marvel actresses)

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alias star jennifer garner played elektra on both daredevil and elektra.

sex symbol jessica alba as invisible woman turns the movies fantastic four and rise of the silver surfer into a top grosser film

top 100 sexiest woman - halle berry handles this delicate role of ororo munroe, most likely known as the weather with mutant storm.

the all time gorgeous kirstin dunst portrayed the charming wife of peter parker - mary jane watson. although dunst is not the typical red-hair mary jane, she still fits the role.

new zealand actress anna paquin played the role of sexy x-men rogue. she played the role in all x-men movies - x-men: the movie, x2, and x-men: the last stand

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1992 x-men: the animated series - season 1, episode 6

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Cold Vengeance
Wolverine went to the Cold ice of Canada to seek peace and solitude. He finds peace among a group of Baffin Island Inuit, only to discover Sabretooth has been stalking him and has taken the people of the village captive, and plans to kill them all.

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x-men: evolution, season 1, episode 10

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Shadowed Past
Starts when Rogue absorbs the memory of Mystique and she often get this weird dream of the origin of Nightcrawler. As Professor X helps them, Rogue and Nightcrawler set off to learn the secrets of the identity of Nightcrawler's mother.

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x-men: evolution, season 1, episode 9

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Survival of the Fittest
The X-men and the Brotherhood were thrown into a survival training camp. While they were having a group competition in the field, Mystique frees Cain Marko, the unstoppable Juggernaut, from his imprisonment to have him agreed of gaining access to the Cerebro. But the Juggernaut only focus for revenge against his half-brother.

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x-men: evolution, season 1, episode 8

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Spyke gets a video camera to document his life as a teenager for his make up project. Trouble brewing when Sabretooth able to pinpoint Wolverine's location after he grab that video camera.

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x-men: evolution, season 1, episode 7

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Turn of the Rogue
On a school field trip, Mystique run another treacherous plan to eliminate one of the X-men. Things get rough to her as Rogue absorbs her powers and memories. Knowing what Mystique plotting to. She helps Cyclops to survive their icy situation. Rogue got the X-men trust after then.

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marvel cards - 1992 marvel masterpieces (1-30)

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1992 Marvel Cards Masterpiece (#1-30). tuned in regularly for the next set.

marvel cards marvel cards marvel cards marvel cards marvel cards marvel cards marvel cards marvel cards marvel cards marvel cards marvel cards marvel cards marvel cards marvel cards marvel cards marvel cards marvel cards marvel cards marvel cards marvel cards marvel cards marvel cards marvel cards marvel cards marvel cards marvel cards marvel cards

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marvel character - husk

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husk mainreal name: paige elisabeth guthrie

group affiliation: x-men, mutantes sans frontières, x-corps, generation x

first appearance: (unidentified) new mutants #42 (1986); (as paige) x-rorce #32 (1994); (as husk) generation x #1 (1994)

abilities: husk possesses the ability to alter the submolecular structure of her body underneath her skin, allowing her to shed her outer epidermis to reveal a new layer of varying properties.

narrative profile
After her older brother Sam's mutant powers manifested and he joined the New Mutants, Paige tried many things to discover whether she was also a mutant, but became frustrated after many failures. Venting her anger, Paige finally found that her power was to shed her skin. She kept her nature secret until the day Sam and his X-Force teammate Boomer visited the farm. They were abducted by the Fenris twins as part of the "Younghunt," a contest involving the capture of young mutants. X-Force teamed up with the New Warriors, whose member Firestar had also been captured, and together they opposed the organizer of the contest, the Gamesmaster. Paige secretly followed them and confronted the Gamesmaster, defeating him in a game of wits.

Soon after, Paige was kidnapped by the techno-organic alien Phalanx, who sought to learn how to assimilate mutants into their collective. Paige and her fellow abductees were rescued by an ad-hoc X-Men team, and subsequently became founding members of Generation X, a team of mutants enrolled at the new Massachusetts branch of Xavier's School. During her time there, Paige studied to become a better X-Man than Sam. She also romanced her teammate Chamber. After the School was closed, Paige was recruited by her former headmaster Banshee into his paramilitary X-Corps. After that group was dismantled, Paige went to study at the reestablished Xavier Institute. Her interest in environmental issues led to her discovering corruption within Worthington Enterprises, the company owned by the X-Man Archangel. Investigating, she and Archangel encountered the Dominant Species, and she was almost killed. Archangel saved her with his healing ability, after which they became romantically involved.

Having finally graduated to the ranks of the X-Men, Paige later aided Archangel in establishing the global mutant outreach program "Mutantes Sans Frontières." Setting up office in Zanzibar, they became involved in an attempt by the Hellfire Club to destabilize the country by employing the mercenary Weaponeers. Alongside the country's President, who was secretly the superhero Askari, as well as reinforcements from Genosha, the heroes managed to repel the invaders.

husk marvelhusk marvel
husk marvel


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iron man 2 official movie trailer 1

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check out this new iron man 2 movie trailer with samuel jackson as nick fury.

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x-men: evolution, season 1, episode 6

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Nightcrawler got trapped into another dimension after he argued with the Rogue over an eerie gadget owned by a mutant Forge. Nightcrawler discovers that Forge himself has been trapped in the dimension for 20 years. Now, Nightcrawler got to send a message on how to bring them back both from the dimension.

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x-men: evolution, season 1, episode 5

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Speed and Spyke
When Evan Daniels, Storm's nephew triggers his mutant powers,he decided to rather use his abilities for revenge against his rival that constantly picking on him, Quicksilver. In the end he decided to learn to harness his powers with the X-men.

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x-men: evolution, season 1, episode 4

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Mutant Crush

As Fred Dukes, the unmovable Blob, display his gifted talent on a circus show, the X-men thought of recruiting him. On his first day of school, his uncold temper make him one of the less popular guys in town and the joke always got on him. When he mistook the kindness of Jean Grey by helping him, he kidnapped Jean Grey and tries to make her his girlfriend.

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1992 x-men: the animated series - season 1, episode 5

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Captive Hearts
Jean Grey and Cyclops were captured by the Morlocks, a group of mutants, on their night out. Callisto, Morlocks leader, kidnapped Cyclops to be her companion ruling the tribe. Jean uses her telepathic power to contact Xavier and the X-men were sent out. To save the X-men, Storm defeat Callisto in a fair match and becomes the new Morlock leader, but then she appoints Callisto to be the leader in her absence.

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covers of victorious villains - from dark reign

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a sudden changes from marvel's "secret invasion" storyline rose the dark reign. as norman osborn dominates over well known superhero, dethrone tony stark as the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. and takeover. and enlisted the help of dr. doom, namor, emma frost, loki and the hood to consolidate his hold over the rest of the superhero community.

here are some exclusive covers as the company gets into high gear with their "he lost. they won." campaign

iron man is out. nuff said. i don't like him anyway.

and seeing emma frost crush cyclops visor, seems she's really embracing the dark side again stabbing the x-men.

what could make captain america kneeled before iron patriot?

see that tatoo... that's definitely not wolverine, perhaps the dangerous son of wolverine is taking place. im really looking forward for a more bloody showdown between them.

loki has a lot plot been setting before with thor and the rest of the asgardians, so this scenario is getting more and more possible.

venom's always been dangerous, so this spidey cover is no surprise.

henry pym again with new suit what should his name be this time? no more ant-man, giant-man, yellowjacket i guess.

and this last one norman 'green goblin' obsorn.