Sunday, June 07, 2009

covers of victorious villains - from dark reign

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a sudden changes from marvel's "secret invasion" storyline rose the dark reign. as norman osborn dominates over well known superhero, dethrone tony stark as the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. and takeover. and enlisted the help of dr. doom, namor, emma frost, loki and the hood to consolidate his hold over the rest of the superhero community.

here are some exclusive covers as the company gets into high gear with their "he lost. they won." campaign

iron man is out. nuff said. i don't like him anyway.

and seeing emma frost crush cyclops visor, seems she's really embracing the dark side again stabbing the x-men.

what could make captain america kneeled before iron patriot?

see that tatoo... that's definitely not wolverine, perhaps the dangerous son of wolverine is taking place. im really looking forward for a more bloody showdown between them.

loki has a lot plot been setting before with thor and the rest of the asgardians, so this scenario is getting more and more possible.

venom's always been dangerous, so this spidey cover is no surprise.

henry pym again with new suit what should his name be this time? no more ant-man, giant-man, yellowjacket i guess.

and this last one norman 'green goblin' obsorn.

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