Thursday, May 28, 2009

characters of marvel movies - part 2

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eric bana as the hulk
hulk back in 2003, eric bana played a genetics researcher, robert bruce banner, who succumb to a experimental accident. everytime his stress and anger becomes uncontrollable, the radiation that intertwined with his already-altered sytem activates his gamma-radiated DNA, ransforming him into the hulk.

edward norton as the hulk
then in 2008 the incredible hulk, edward norton continue the role as banner but this is not a sequel to hulk(2003), but rather a reboot that establishes a new back-story where banner became the hulk as an unwitting pawn in a military scheme to reinvigorate the supersoldier program through gamma radiation.

ben affleck as daredevil
daredevil the film, stars ben affleck as matt murdock, a blind lawyer who fights for justice in the courtroom and out of the courtroom as the masked vigilante daredevil.

thomas jane as the punisher
thomas jane as the punisher in 2004 the punisher film, this is not a sequel to the 1989 punisher film, but a reboot. that 1989 film stars dolph lundgren is really way out of the storyline to marvel comics, lundgren's not even wearing a skull on his shirt

ray stevenson as the punisher
from the latest punisher movie (2008)... the punisher war zone, this is also a reboot, not to any previous movie sequel. the film is an original telling of frank castle's war on crime and corruption. irish actor ray stevenson replaces thomas jane as frank castle.

ioan gruffudd as mr fantastic
ioan gruffudd is dr. reed richards, a brilliant but timid and bankrupt physicist and later become mr. fantastic in both fantastic four(2005) and rise of the silver surfer(2007).

howard the duck
howard the duck, is the first marvel comics film adaptation to receive a wide theatrical release in american theaters. often appearing on lists of the cinema's most negatively reviewed films. howard was portrayed by an assortment of stunt actors in a duck suit like ed gale, tim rose, steve sleap and others.. with chip zien as the voice of howard

see other movie characters - part 1

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