Saturday, May 16, 2009

spider-man meets barack obama

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spider-man meets obamaThe Amazing Spider-Man #583

politics goes around marvel...they celebrated the inauguration day of obama with a special edition of spider-man comic..spider-man meet obama - on his inauguration day... and chameleon (a villainous shapeshifter mutant) try to spoil the event

chameleon try to disguise as obama and spidey has to figure who's the real one..

"ya hear that, chameleon? the president-elect here just appointed me secretary of shuttin' you up!" with a punch on chameleon face...

the first printing was sold out and with a huge store demand - the second printing was sold out too, even though its not as good copy as the first printing...

just wondering if there's someone with a copy first or second printing... maybe i could spare some $$..

spidy and obama comic script

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